Application of multifunction printer in life

People who do print jobs or who do photocopying services, the cheap multifunction printer has become so familiar. So What is multifunction printer ? What is its application in life? Let’s find out this product line with FBS in the article below.

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Quality multifunction printer

What is a cheap multifunction printer?

A multifunction printer is a device that prints photos and documents that are designed to be available in different media. In addition, these devices also integrate functions such as photocopy, scanning, fax, .., or other jobs depending on the design of the manufacturer.

Application of cheap multifunction printer in life

Multifunction printers are commonly used in photocopies, workshops, industrial parks, families, … to perform the following tasks:

  • Printing learning materials, contracts, company rules …
  • Printing slogan banners
  • Color printing, black and white printing …
  • Copy documents in large quantities to save costs and time
  • Perform the fax function
  • Share scanned documents quickly and easily.

Advantages of multifunction printers

  • As its name, the versatile printer with compact design is used for many different purposes such as color printing, black and white printing, scanning, fax, photocopying … The product line with compact design saves space, suitable for small office company.
  • High print speed brings high efficiency at work
  • Periodic ink replacement costs are not too large.

However, because the machine is not specialized in a certain function

Introducing Canon MF 3010AE Multifunction Printer

Canon MF 3010AE Multifunction Printer is equipped with functions such as printing, scanning, convenient photocopying, … The product with good print quality gives users cost-effective quality prints. telling. With large printer capacity up to 8000 pages helps save maximum costs.

The product has a selling price of VND 3,300,000.

Specifications of Canon MF 3010AE Multifunction Printers

  • Standard functions: Copy – Print – Scan color.
  • Speed: 18 pages / minute in A4 size.
  • Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
  • Standard memory: 64MB.
  • Maximum paper size: A4
  • Automatic paper tray: 01 x 150 sheets, 1-sheet manual tray
  • Ability to zoom in and out: 25% – 400%.
  • Continuous shooting: 99 sheets.
  • Ports: USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Dimensions 372 x 276 x 254 (mm)
  • Weight 8.2 Kg
  • Maximum capacity: 8,000 pages / month
  • Use Cartridge 325: 1,600 A4 pages with 5% ink coverage.
  • Ink by machine 500-600 A4 pages
  • Made in China
  • Warranty 12 months

It can be affirmed that the versatile printers bring more convenience to users at work. If you want to buy this product please contact FBS via Hotline: 0838.017.555.

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