[Advisor] How to choose a quality surveillance camera

Currently on the Vietnamese market, the camera models are very diverse, large and small sizes suitable for the needs of customers. However, how to choose a quality surveillance camera is not everyone knows. In the following article, FBS would like to share with you the secret to choosing this quality product at an affordable price.

Làm thế nào để lựa chọn camera giám sát chất lượng
How to choose quality surveillance cameras

How to choose a quality surveillance camera

Determine the needs of installation and the purpose of using

Depending on the needs of camera installation at the company; store; factory; office, …. so that you can choose the right product at a reasonable price. For example, if you mount the camera in large spaces; it requires a complex surveillance camera system with special features and necessarily the help of a team of highly specialized technical staff.

Determine the space for camera installation

Before intending to buy this device, you have to measure the installation space to find the right camera. If you have an indoor camera, choose the right dome camera; If installed in outdoor space, you should choose a cylindrical camera with good distance vision. If you have a larger need, you can opt for high-end cameras.

Choose wired or wireless camera

With wired cameras such as analog cameras, IPs, … are suitable cameras for wide viewing systems; or in spaces that need to be installed in many different locations and have high stability.

As for the wireless camera type; also known as wifi IP camera, which is suitable for small spaces like apartments; Small shops, offices, … because it brings friendliness and aesthetics.

Function and resolution of CCTV

The sharpness of the camera depends on the resolution, if the higher the resolution, the better the quality. HD and full HD cameras are rated as two types of cameras that users choose a lot; Meanwhile, analog cameras use TVL resolution. When choosing a camera to install, you should also pay attention to the function of the camera to install it to suit your space. Infrared cameras are said to be suitable for both night and night light. In addition to other functions such as transmission technology; exposure compensation (WDR), anti-backlight (BLC), … these are the functions that will ensure maximum security for you when installing the camera.

Select quality surveillance cameras in genuine and prestigious companies

The selection of equipment from companies; unit; A reputable and reliable enterprise with experience in installing cameras will help you feel secure during use. If you need to buy and install cameras for company offices; Your company can contact FBS to get advice from our staff and choose the right product.

Please contact us Hotline: 0838.017.555  for the consultant to own genuine, reputable technology products, cameras, recorders, etc. with the best quality services available today.

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