Criteria to choose a supermarket bill printer you should know

Currently, supermarket bill printers are known to be essential and indispensable equipment in the retail business. There are many types of printers from different brands; That makes customers wonder what to choose. In the following article, the technicians from FBS Company would like to share with you some criteria to choose a bill printer for the supermarket for your reference.

Máy in bill siêu thị giá rẻ, chất lượng
Cheap quality supermarket  bill printer

Criteria to choose the supermarket bill printer you need to remember

– What is the size and number of customers in your supermarket?

If your supermarket is small, you should choose the small size bill printer accordingly. As for the big supermarkets, it requires large sized bill printers to meet your requirements. At the same time, these large printers can meet the fast working speed; and exactly bring about efficiency at work.

So, depending on how your business model, the choice of receipt printers meets your requirements and your job. Usually, the K80 large format bill printer will print large paper sizes as well as faster printing speed than the K57. With K57, the paper size is narrower and the speed is only about 90mm / s; There is no automatic paper cut mode but there is a serrated die to tear by hand. This line is usually suitable for stores, supermarkets with a small number of customers.

 – Prepare carefully before buying a supermarket bill printer

Before you intend to buy a bill printer for the store; For your supermarket, you should find out information about popular product categories as well as equip a few basic knowledge to be able to choose correctly.

– Choose a reputable supplier

You should refer friends; Relatives can choose reputable and reliable suppliers. Because only in these units they provide you with a long-term warranty; Free installation support to help you feel secure during use. In many places, they even offer a receipt when the customer buys the device; as well as free shipping, product installation support.

– Based on the size of the print media

Paper size is also an important factor in choosing a receipt printer. Every business, store with different business scale. Multiple addresses needing to display a lot of information on a single row of paper will require large paper sizes of about 80mm. If you need to display less information on a single row of paper, you can choose a small size 57mm paper size; just save costs but not excess space causing loss of aesthetics.

On the market today; There are many suppliers and distributors of supermarket bill printers from different brands for customers to choose from. But when you come to FBS, you will have a team of consultants to choose the right product for your business model.

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