Classify the best timekeeper on the market

In production factories, company offices, factories, factories, … cheap timekeeper products are widely and widely used. With a simple design, simple operation, the device is rated as very useful for businesses and businesses in managing employees. The article below, let us learn some of the common timekeepers on the market today.

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cheap timekeeper

Classify cheap timekeepers on the market

Timekeeper is a device that helps business owners and managers to control the situation of going home late and late as well as keeping track of working days, holidays, … correctly. Equipment to create a sense of working for employees in a professional manner, to avoid going home late, cheating working time. This product has many categories and is divided into 4 main categories.

  1. Paper card timekeeper

It is a timekeeper used in the early stages, but this device has some disadvantages as follows: low durability, the card reader and push card up and down quickly, employees can time attendance, print cards every month for a new timekeeping cycle, Because of these inconveniences, only a few establishments still use this type.

  1. Card timekeeper

This type of device uses a magnetic card for attendance instead of a paper card specified with a separate code for each employee. After each card swipe; The device will confirm the entry / exit status of employees without stamping. For this product line, its disadvantages do not fix the situation of employees taking care of households, employees easily losing or forgetting cards, etc.

  1. Fingerprint machine

For this type of equipment, completely overcoming the status of attendance; convenience; avoid forgetting or losing employees’ cards. In addition, some product lines also integrate magnetic cards to help overcome the case of blurred fingerprints; or greasy, …. make it difficult for the timekeeping.

  1. Time attendance recognition machine

As technology develops, the timekeeper can recognize faces for high security. The device is luxuriously and beautifully designed and should be used in banks; office company; businesses, …. The recognition methods are as follows: face / face + card. Compared to other machines, this timekeeper has a relatively high price.

In addition to managing employee access times, the timekeeper can also be used for elevator control or integrated for door access control.

Cheap and quality timekeeper

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