What is the best barcode reader in 2020?

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, barcode reading/scanning devices are very diverse and rich from different brands such as Honeywell, Opticon, TEKI, Antech barcode scanners … You are wondering If you do not know what kind of barcode reader to choose, you can refer to some models that FBS would suggest in the article below.

What kind of good barcode reader should be chosen in 2020

  1. 2D Honeywell Xenon barcode scanner 1900G-HD

  • Firm: Honeywell
  • Model: Xenon 1900G-HD
  • Reading technology: area imager
  • Scanning capabilities: Read both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Scan mode: automatic
  • Design: hand-held
  • Reading speed: Up to 610 cm / s (240 in / s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
  • Connection port: USB
Máy quét mã vạch 2D Honeywell Xenon 1900G-HD
2D Honeywell Xenon barcode scanner 1900G-HD
  1. Delfi M71 wireless 1D barcode scanner

  • Product name: Delfi M71 Wireless 1D barcode scanner
  • Firm: Delfi
  • Model: M71
  • Scanning ray: CCD
  • Scanning speed: 500 scans/sec
  • PC communication: USB, data transfer with Bluetooth v2.1 EDR.
  • Advantages: 40-70m data transmission distance. There is an offline mode.
Máy quét mã vạch 1D không dây Delfi M71
Delfi M71 wireless 1D barcode scanner
  1. Honeywell HF600 2D Barcode Scanner

  • Company name: Honeywell
  • Model: Youjie HF600
  • Reading technology: area imager, 2D
  • Read barcodes on laptop screen, phone: yes
  • Scanning direction: Multi-dimensional (Read both 1D and 2D barcodes)
  • Scan mode: automatic
  • Design: desktop
  • Reading speed: 1,650 scans / s
  • Barcode fineness: 5 mil
  • Connection port: USB
Máy Quét Mã Vạch 2D Honeywell HF600
Honeywell HF600 2D Barcode Scanner


The price of barcodes always ranges from 1 million to 22 million for customers to choose according to their financial and usage needs. Each barcode scanner always has different prices depending on the brand of each product. Because of that, customers have many opportunities to choose to buy cheap and quality barcode scanners. In Vietnam market, you can find some reputable brands such as Motorola, Datalogic, Denso …

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