Fingerprint Timekeeper helps to manage personnel effectively

Fingerprint timekeeper is now widely used by businesses. Considered the best solution in timekeeping as well as personnel management. On the market, there are also many types of timekeeper with many different forms such as facial time attendance; attendance by word card; Fingerprint machine,….

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Fingerprint Time Attendance Management System Efficient

Pros and cons of fingerprint time attendance machine

As its name, the fingerprint timekeeper works based on each person’s fingerprint. It can be affirmed that this technology completely ensures safety and high security. Because, in fact, every employee has different fingerprints; There is no change in life.

Advantages of fingerprint time attendance machine:

+ Managing working hours of employees: with this timekeeper will limit counterfeit time attendance cards. At the same time completely overcome the situation of employees’ timekeeping for each other, because each fingerprint is only a unique code. The use of timekeeper strictly limits the situation of employees coming home late.

+ You will not have to carry the card every day because your fingerprint is the card already. This limits the staff to forget to bring the card effectively, extremely convenient.

Disadvantages of fingerprint time attendance machine:

+ If your hand is too cold or too wet, the identification of fingerprints is very difficult. Or if your hand is injured, it can make time attendance difficult.

+ For employees working in areas such as metal manufacturing, chemicals, … the fingerprints are often worn, making it difficult to get fingerprints. In addition, these are dusty environments, causing the reader to fail quickly.

Name some common timekeepers in Vietnam

  1. Fingerprint machine

This is a device that uses fingerprint recognition. This means that each employee will be required to register any two of their fingerprints with the system. To word made daily attendance confirmation database.

  1. Timekeeper card

This type of card can help to save the information of employees registered with the system fully and accurately. That is why employees will be issued magnetic cards to be used for attendance purposes. Or also considered as tags and out.

  1. Timekeeper card paper

This type of device uses paper cards to stamping the start time and end time of each employee’s working day.

  1. Face Timekeeper

A type of machine that uses each employee’s face as a way to identify daily entry/exit and attendance.

I can confirm that timekeeper brings a lot of benefits to every business. Depending on your conditions, each business should choose a suitable product. FBS – a leading provider of genuine and quality products, provides a comprehensive solution for every business. Please contact us today for advice and choose the right product.

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