Instructions for buying online at website
If you don’t have an account at
– After agreeing to the website’s rules and registering successfully, your account has been eligible to buy online.
– You proceed to login and make purchases on our website.
– On the menu bar shows the full range of items: office machines, projection equipment, supermarket equipment, banking equipment, security equipment, information technology – telecommunications, household appliances …, You can choose to view or type in the search bar the product you are interested in.
– Once you have found the product you want to buy, please click on the product to see details or can order it.

Immediately, the cart will appear with the product you have selected.

– Here, you can:
+ Update shopping cart: When you buy a product with a quantity greater than 1, you enter the quantity to buy in the quantity box and press update.
+ Delete: If you do not want to buy a product.
+ Order: When you are satisfied with the product you choose to buy.
In addition, you can continue to buy our other products by clicking on the Continue shopping line after completing Customer Information and entering the Security Code.
– After choosing the products to buy and complete the necessary information, please click the Send order button to send the order request to us.
– You should also check your personal information as well as categories of goods to facilitate us in making this transaction.

– Once the order has been successfully submitted, Ha Viet’s sales staff will contact you to confirm the information and conduct transactions with you.
– In addition, you can contact the Online Sales department (by means of yahoo chat, skype, email, phone, fax) to order.
– The online Sales department will send a quotation directly, fax or email at your request.
– When you agree to purchase, the Sales and Accounting Department will make a voucher and receive your deposit (if any).
– The sales staff will schedule a time and place for delivery to you.
+ To facilitate the order fulfillment, you need to write correctly and sufficient information in the member registration.
+ All orders missing one of the necessary information (full name, address, email, phone number) will be removed without notice.
+ Orders which Ha Viet thinks are unreasonable will also be removed without notice.

For further information please contact:


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Address:  2 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

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Complain: 0246 656 5559 – [email protected]

Technical support & Warranty: 0869 360 336 – [email protected]

Feedback: 0976 366 655