Let’s explore 4 areas of thermal receipt printer application

Thermal receipt printer – an important and indispensable device in shops, supermarkets, fashion shops, retail stores, … Unlike printers that use ink to print, this type of printer uses Thermal printing technology. With this outstanding advantage, it saves time, money, and does not pollute the environment. The following article, let FBS learn this special product line right below.

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Cheap thermal receipt printer

What is a thermal receipt printer?

Thermal receipt printers (also called thermal printers) are devices that do not use ink like conventional printers; which uses heat to act directly on the surface of the printing paper. This product is commonly used in stores; supermarket to print invoices at high speed; increases work efficiency and increase productivity.

4 areas of thermal receipt printer application

  1. Thermal receipt printer at shops

This type of receipt printer is commonly used in supermarkets; grocery; cashier counters; retail stores. With this device, it helps to print invoices for customers after every purchase payment transaction. With the outstanding advantage, it is high printing speed; Exactly helps increase productivity, customers do not have to wait long. This machine can also be used with many different types of printing papers such as supermarket receipt paper, ATM printing paper, …

  1. Entertainment industry

This device is widely used to print movie tickets, entrance tickets, or entrance tickets, … especially the K58 bill printer, k80 bill printer used in amusement parks. This type of machine brings reliability to customers by the clear image quality, no blur. Help build beautiful and professional images in the eyes of customers.

  1. In the medical field

In the field of health, the use of this device is indispensable, helping to print invoices at pharmacies, cash register, etc. The quality of products printed from this machine is always a resolution. High, clear quality. In hospitals, a large number of patients should use this type of printer to help speed up work efficiency.

  1. At electricity bill collection points

Instead of using handwritten paper, this printer helps to print invoices for customers. Just ensure high precision, avoid repairs bring high reliability. In the power industry, this device helps to control errors or customer complaints.

These are common applications of thermal receipt printers if you need to buy this product. Please contact FBS company for timely support from sales consultants.

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