Let’s find the reason why the bill printer reduces their lifespan

Bill printers, also known as receipt printers, are widely  used in supermarkets, cosmetic shops, fashion stores, etc. But some people don’t  know how to properly preserve them and increase the efficiency of the device. In fact, there are many reasons why the durability of the product decreases rapidly after a short time of use. In the article below, let’s find out the common causes of this device to reduce the life of this device.

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High quality bill printer

Join experts to find out the reason why the bill printer reduces their lifespan

Case 1: Printer installation process

Each printer has genuine drivers included; So when you buy the receipt printer, you must install the correct driver for each printer corresponding to the operating system. Connect the USB ports with the power cord before turning on the printer. Make sure the power supply is stable because if the power supply is too short, Adapter will easily be damaged. Take care to place the printer in a flat position; Dry should not be placed in rough locations; easily vibrating affecting the quality of invoice printing.

Case 2:  Usage of poor quality paper

One of the reasons for the bad printhead’s lifespan is that users use poor quality receipt paper. As we all know receipt printer uses heat directly onto the print media. Therefore; using low-quality invoice paper will lead to faster wear of the printhead; resulting in a reduced lifespan of the printer. In addition, be careful not to use wet print media that could cause the print head to break quickly; and print quality is not clear.

Case 3: Location of bill printer

As an electronic device, it must be placed in a cool, dry place to avoid the effects of sunlight, rain, and wind that will affect the operation of the device. If you place the printer in a dirty place, pay attention to clean it regularly to avoid damaging the printhead. Absolutely do not place heavy objects on the body that could easily cause the printer to jam. Should use a soft cloth to clean the body, do not use hard objects that can scratch the print head.

Case 4: Automatic repair of a bill printer

In the process of using the device if something goes wrong; If anything goes wrong, please contact the supplier for a timely fix. Absolutely avoid not arbitrarily disassemble the machine if it is professional knowledge.

The above are some reasons to reduce the life of the bill printer that FBS technicians share with you. In order to help you know how to preserve and use the bill printer for longer.

FBS is proud to be a supplier and distributor of genuine, quality bill printers. Please contact us today for advice and choose the right product.

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