How to fix barcode printer error of unclear printing

During the time of using a barcode printer if you see the phenomenon of wrinkled ink or print blurry. This is a common error on this device; The following article FBS would like to suggest you how to fix this problem quickly and easily.

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The cause and how to fix the barcode printer error of printing not clearly

Case 1: Barcode printer is dimmed

After a period of use, the printhead and roller may be worn away, making the information displayed on the label-less clear. In this case, increase the print head density, but do not increase it too much; Prevent the print head from emitting large amounts of heat so the ribbon can be stretched. This is the reason why the ink ribbon breaks or causes wrinkling. If the print head is detected, there are white dots inside the black bar; Your printhead has been scratched. In this case, you need to replace the printhead.

Case 2: Barcode printer wrinkles ink

When you print out, you will find stamps with ink lines, unclear symbols, or broken lines. At this point, you can try again by reducing the density; and adjust the roll rollers so flat. If the problem persists, check the print head and roller. Or if necessary, can replace the new one will solve this situation. To avoid this phenomenon, it is best to use standard labels, so please ensure the output quality.

Preserving when using the barcode printer helps to improve its lifespan

This product is frequently used in printing labels and barcodes. So if in the process of use, you do not pay attention to hygiene and storage equipment; then even if you invest an expensive product quickly broken. To limit equipment not broken and cost of repair and replacement, you need to know how to preserve the machine to extend life. As well as helping the machine always work well over time.

For the printhead part, this is an important part of the device; But very easy to scratch. Therefore, you need to take care of it, otherwise, it will affect the print quality. During use, you also regularly clean both inside and outside the device. If you need assistance, please contact the technical staff absolutely should not disassemble the machine itself.

For the type of printer used in industrial heavyweight, bulky size, you must use a rickshaw to avoid damage to the machine. In addition, if you leave the device in a warehouse or factory where there is a lot of dirt, you will often clean it more often.

In the above article, FBS has instructed how to fix fuzzy barcode printer error as well as how to use this device most effectively.

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