How to properly store supermarket cash register

Supermarket cash registers are used daily, so it is unavoidable technical problems. Therefore, you must know how to properly store and use the device to avoid problems and failures during operation. In order not to affect the quality and efficiency of work, please consult FBS technical staff on how to properly store supermarket cash register below.

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Instructions on how to properly store supermarket cash register

Follow the 3 steps that correspond to the stage in how to properly store your cash register.

Step 1: Before using the supermarket cash register

Before using the cash register, check the power supply with the machine, to see if the power source has a suitable stable voltage or not. Typically, the power used for cash registers is within 220vAC ± 10%. Ideally, you should place the power outlet near the machine to easily connect to the power source.

Take care to place the device in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not place the device in humid places, places with high temperatures, and avoid contact with water. We should put the machine in a flat, neat position to ensure the process of operating the machine efficiently and safely.

To ensure the print head as well as ensure the quality of printing, you should use standard, suitable and genuine quality paper of clear origin.

Step 2: in the process of using a supermarket cash register

Cash registers always have a user manual; So please read and follow the instructions. Especially, before using the machine; hands should be dry to prevent the device from getting wet, which could cause it to malfunction.

Avoid absolutely not placing hard objects; Heavy objects on the body hinder the operation of the cash register. To avoid scratching the print head of the machine, do not touch the print head with your hand. If you do not have the professional knowledge, do not disassemble parts of the machine to repair it by yourself.

Step 3: After using the supermarket cash register

Note checking the date and time on the machine to check the daily report is convenient; as well as ensure timely receipt printing. After using the device, you should use a soft, dry towel to clean. Do not use cotton towels to clean the cash register; pay attention to clean the machine regularly to avoid being dirty. During use, if the device has a problem; Please contact the supplier for timely technical support; do not arbitrarily repair.

We can realize that supermarket cash registers hold an important and necessary position. Therefore, if the device is properly stored, it will help users save time. At the same time help improve the quality and efficiency at work; as well as increase the service life of the machine.

FBS Company is proud to be a supplier of supermarket equipment such as self-check electronic scales; cash register; barcode readers, … quality goods are appreciated by customers. Please contact us for advice and best quotes.

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